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I help couples peacefully dissolve their unions – marriage, domestic partnership, unmarried parents. I’m a family law and divorce mediator with a law school education, mediator training and certification, volunteer mediator experience with Los Angeles Superior Court, and hands-on experience in a family law firm.

Since 2009, I’ve successfully mediated hundreds of family law cases – complex with millions of dollars in assets to straightforward with just a few assets and debts.

My clients have been from all over California – Northern and Southern; and I’ve helped parents craft custody share agreements for their children for all types of parenting situations.

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I just had the simplest, least painful divorce ever with Victoria, and I never even met her. I had a pre-nuptial agreement and we had a simple plan with no kids and no property, but I couldn't seem to figure out how to do the divorce process on my own.

I found her here on Yelp, and found the reviews to be helpful and correct. She talked with me about my situation the first night I called, for free and in detail. She gave me a good price, and handled everything easily and smoothly via emails and texting, and phone calls when needed.

She responded usually almost instantly, like when a typo was found, and fixed it quickly. There were a couple of typos but normal human error stuff, nothing they held things up. She was realistic with me in how long the process would take, and I appreciated her being direct and to the point.

Her price was fair; about average from what I was finding. She even rounded down for me, which I appreciated. Compared to another lawyer who wouldn't even meet talk with me without a hefty consult fee, Victoria was downright reasonable!

My divorce paperwork just came in the mail; all is done and final;  and within 8 or 9 months from when I first contacted her. Almost exactly the time frame what she quoted me. I really appreciate the professionalism and ease in which this difficult process was handled.