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Meet Victoria D’Cotledge

Victoria is passionate about serving couples at the most difficult time in their lives as they end their rela-tionship. She helps couples peacefully dissolve their unions, whether they be marriage, domestic partner-ship, or unmarried parents. She is a certified family law and divorce mediator with a law school education, mediator training, and volunteer mediator experience in the Los Angeles Superior Court, with a hands-on experience in a family law firm.

Since 2009, Victoria has successfully mediated hundreds of family law cases, including complex ar-rangements with millions of dollars in assets to straightforward unions with just a few assets and debts.

She services clients from all over Northern and Southern California. Victoria has helped parents craft custody share agreements for their children for all types of parenting situations.

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Why Couples Choose D’Cotledge Mediation

  • Retain the power to make decisions beneficial to them and their families
  • Customize workable solutions for their unique family situation
  • Preserve immediate and extended family unit intact
  • Include both parents in decisions pertaining to their child’s future
  • Provide co-parenting for happy, well-adjusted children

D’Cotledge Mediation is your Un-complicated choice for Family Law Mediation. We provide comprehensive services with resolutions that typically require no court appearances for substantially less than litigation. In addition, we produce customized outcomes that meet your family's needs, making your wishes a priority. You won't need to look any further than D’Cotledge Mediation for document preparation, court forms, support calculations, paternity suits, custody shared arrangements, division of assets/debt, and receipt of conformed copies.

Our Clients

Marisa F

Couldn't have asked for an easier mediation. Full disclosure- my ex and I are on very good terms and had an idea of how we were going to handle child custody and finances but the crazy thing for us was getting through the court system in LA.

I found Victoria on Yelp and she was exactly what we needed. She banged out our paperwork without having to meet with us. We did everything over the phone and through email. There are incredible amounts of paperwork (which my ex had weeded through initially) and she was able to get them filled out and into court system within a few weeks. I believe its only been about 4 months since we first talked to Victoria and our divorce was finalized this week!!

Sam J.

Victoria is a professional, hardworking and persistent individual. She saw my complicated case through with no real issues. While deployed to several different countries and totally different time zones, Victoria answered my calls at all hours of the night and worked around my schedule. She was very pleasant and so easy to work with. Victoria carried all the heavy lifting and held my hand through the entire process, never once did I not know exactly what was going on. I recommend Victoria to all my war time military divorcees, (so many of us).

Julie L.

I filed for my divorce with Pasadena court house myself and it was a disaster. They needed this form and that form and they don't help you at all! The dissolution had been on hold for over a year and I just needed help!! I found Victoria and she came to the rescue. It was so easy , we did everything over email and the phone and she took care of EVERYTHING!! I am a busy single mom and don't have time for anything. Victoria is just a gem, she made this 2 year nightmare absolutely effortless! Thank you for your professionalism and expertise.

Jennifer S.

Victoria D'Cotledge has been nothing but a joy to work with. I was frustrated navigating the legal system without a lawyer trying to get through finalizing my divorce which had been filed nearly 2 years earlier. Going lawyer free in the state of California means you need to spend many hours at the court house doing judgement workshops, financial workshops, etc. It was time I would need to spend away from work, wages lost, time lost, etc. I googled low cost divorce and clicked on a link for CA divorce center. I filled out the online form and within minutes received a personal email from Victoria. She was prompt, super responsive, very easy to work with and explained the process carefully so that I understood it. There was a flat fee which was incredibly reasonable. One time fee, no hidden fees. Just one payment. She made an incredibly arduous process streamlined and simplified. As soon as she had all the information from both parties in our case, she didn't waste any time submitting the papers to the courts. Due to a backup of cases, it took about 3 weeks from the time she submitted our final papers to have the judgment entered and our divorce final. Victoria is a miracle worker. I know she does mediation as well too.

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