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D'Cotledge Mediation #FamilyLawUNComplicated takes great pride in providing local and statewide high quality, customized family law mediation solutions that solve my clients’ specific family needs. I have had the pleasure of working with couples from all over California. Meet a few of the people behind the success of D'Cotledge Mediation #FamilyLawUNComplicated.


Victoria D'Cotledge is an amazing well-versed professional in her field of divorce mediation. Her attention to details and the difficulty of divorce made the whole process go smoothly. She kept me and my Ex informed all along the way. If I had a question she answered immediately. She is honest, forthright, skilled and knows her way around the necessary paperwork. I appreciated the fact that she kept both parties informed. Victoria was there for myself and my Ex the whole time. Divorce is challenging enough but to find someone who is able to walk both parties through the complete process step by step is a valuable asset to have by your side.


Going through a divorce was one of the hardest times in my life. I luckily found Victoria through an online search. One word to describe her service: Amazing. She was professional, knowledgeable, and patient with all of my questions. She always returned my calls quickly and even met with me personally when we had to correct some paperwork. Victoria always made sure to keep both my ex-wife and myself involved in all communications and assured us that she was working for both of us and not only one side. She worked diligently for us and got our divorce finalized in under 7 months. I wouldn't recommend divorce but if you find yourself in that situation, I highly recommend Victoria.

Bryan H

Victoria D'Cotledge has been wonderful. Everyone that I talked to about divorce has said that it is the worst thing that they ever went through… spending your life's savings with battling attorneys, the legal paperwork and documentation that is enough to drive you crazy, and the custody battles that seem to never end. Luckily, my ex wife and I are on good terms and wanted to dissolve our marriage in the most amicable way.

I found Victoria by doing some searches and doing research about mediation in general. We got so lucky to find Victoria. She has been extremely helpful with walking us through the whole process. She took her time to explain the necessary steps, time frames, and paperwork that would be need to process. She always called me back asap, and sent follow up emails in a timely manner. She made the whole process really easy and smooth. Her fees are extremely reasonable and would highly recommend her to anyone that wants to go through a divorce the easiest, most inexpensive, and pain free as possible.

Shoobie Doo

Wow. Where do I start about this wonderful lady that I was lucky enough to cross paths with? Let me start by telling everyone the nightmare I was in when I reached out to Victoria for help.
Back story: I had hired a "mediator" who, for $799.00, promised me divorce paperwork that would take my marriage to dissolution, "no probs". She even went as far as telling me to avoid Legal Zoom because she heard bad things from clients, in that they don't help you if you have any subsequent issues. Little did I know at the time, that SHE would be causing all of those issues, not my divorce case itself which was uncontested even with a child involved. And she was the one I could barely reach every time a problem showed it's face. Long story short, my paperwork was rejected by the Courts (I mean, this woman had NO idea!) and I didn't know what the F-else to do.

I looked to Yelp. And found Victoria. And I called her. I let myself go when we first talked and just in that short, 10-minute conversation, she was like a rainbow in a horrible mess I was led to by the original mediator I'd hired.

Victoria just knew what the hell she was doing; she even SOUNDED like she knew what she was doing and I ran with it. I'm SO glad that I did. Victoria expertly re-did the entire paperwork the other woman had made a dog's dinner of. She even talked about forms that were necessary and MISSING from the original paperwork, that I had no prior idea I needed at all.

Papers were accurately completed in such a timely manner; it's clear she was super qualified and she knew her craft. It gave me such a peace of mind - and guess what? My divorce was finalized without issue as of June 19, 2015.

Victoria is worth every single dime she charges AND she's a pleasure to work with! She's the ultra-professional and you won't regret hiring her services. Given the situation I was in, I made sure to check references this time and everyone came through. But mostly, Victoria came through for me and I will gush about her until I'm blue in the face.

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