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Victoria D'Cotledge has been nothing but a joy to work with. I was frustrated navigating the legal system without a lawyer trying to get through finalizing my divorce which had been filed nearly 2 years earlier. Going lawyer free in the state of California means you need to spend many hours at the court house doing judgement workshops, financial workshops, etc. It was time I would need to spend away from work, wages lost, time lost, etc. I googled low cost divorce and clicked on a link for CA divorce center. I filled out the online form and within minutes received a personal email from Victoria. She was prompt, super responsive, very easy to work with and explained the process carefully so that I understood it. There was a flat fee which was incredibly reasonable. One time fee, no hidden fees. Just one payment. She made an incredibly arduous process streamlined and simplified. As soon as she had all the information from both parties in our case, she didn't waste any time submitting the papers to the courts. Due to a backup of cases, it took about 3 weeks from the time she submitted our final papers to have the judgment entered and our divorce final. Victoria is a miracle worker. I know she does mediation as well too.

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